We want to say hello to Marinha. She used to be our English teacher .

Hi Marinha! We want you to know that...

                       Year 5 & Year 6


English Classroom said...

Hello, my dear children. I´m so happy with these greetings from you. It´s a big present for me. Thanks. You look great in the picture. All of you. You are lovely pupils and you´ll always be in my heart.
At this new school, I´m very busy setting everything up, getting used to my new classroom, the teachers and the pupils here,... so I haven´t done anything yet with my blog. I miss you a lot too. I miss Asados, the school, and the fantastic children and teachers there. I would like to keep in touch if you want.
Thank you again and thank you,. You´re Olga the best and your blog is really amazing. I love you.